2015 Jersey Detailer's Weekend

Just returned from The Detail Mafia New Jersey detailer's weekend.    Again this was a great event and this year focused on Sanding, Automotive coatings, and our Classics competition where we divided into 2 teams and had 3 hours to do what we could to make a 71 Chevelle and a 67 Corvette look as good as we could.  This is an invaluable time for each member of our group as we share information and learn from one another to be the best in our respective markets.

Truck Accessories? We've got 'em!

Whether you need a WeatherTech Mats, a tonneau cover, bug deflector, ladder rack, tool box or just about any other truck accessory......We can have it ready for you in just a couple of days.   We take care of making sure it fits so you don't have to.  We also install most accessories and have your truck clean and accessorized when you get it back!

Super Storm Sandy - Super Sized Detail

WOLFEBORO, NH - January 29, 2013 – Andrew Swenson of Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail, and a member of the now infamous Detail Mafia, just returned from Union Beach, NJ where he joined other team members in restoring 11 fire and emergency vehicles badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Featured on the 12-12-12 Concert after three of their four fire stations were flooded, Swenson, who donated his time and skill to the pro bono project, says the ladder trucks, rescue trucks, ambulances and staff vehicles were suffering from hard to remove water spots and storm- battered paint. “They had attempted to clean some of the vehicles but the kind of damage they experienced requires professional grade products and materials, expertise in paint correction, and several more steps than most people put into washing and detailing the exterior of their vehicles,” Swenson says. “One of the staff vehicles, a Dodge Durango, had been donated to the squad and it was truly nasty, covered in mildew. We spent hours on it.”

After washing and preparing the paint, they performed mild to moderate paint correction using a professional-grade show polish and finished it off with a coat of Tech Shine to give it a long-lasting shine.

“Professional detailing requires developing an eye for perfection and that is why getting a certification from Renny Doyle’s Detailing Success is so different. We go at every project, whether it is a fire engine, an airplane, a classic car, a yacht, or an everyday ride, with an attitude that we can get it back to showroom status. Of course we all have our proprietary techniques for accomplishing that and certain levels of correction and restoration can get expensive.”

This uniquely developed skill is why Doyle’s team call themselves the Detail Mafia. They take on every job with a vengeance and they are truly a family, giving time to one another when in need.

Swenson says using the proper equipment is an important part of paint correction, one of the areas in which his Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail specializes. “I just purchased an $800 paint gauge,” Swenson says. “It is very important to know how thick the paint is on an automobile so you know how much you can take off when making a significant correction. If you do not use a high precision instrument like this, you can damage a vehicle’s paint and that isn’t good when working on a $90,000 Porsche, or any vehicle for that matter.”

Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail offers a wide range of automotive care services from a simple hand wash or basic full detail, to high-end paint correction, stain removal, and headlight lens restoration (clearing up cloudy lenses). They also offer color restoration and full detail services on boats, as well as detailing for RVs and motorcycles.

Wolfeboro uses the 3-step DrivePur odor removal system, which quickly and effectively removes contaminants from your car’s interior and exterior in less than thirty minutes. The harmless, invisible coating continues to improve your air quality for months, while continuing to fight surface pollution.

“We are trained and certified by the top detailer worldwide, and we test products through a great network of the finest detailers who also earned that certification. It allows us to achieve the highest standards possible in our business, so we can pass those standards along to our customers.”

For more information on Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail and their participation in the Union Beach, NJ firehouses project, visit our website at www.wolfeborocarwash.com, www.facebook.com/wolfeborocarwash or contact Andrew Swenson at 603-941-0123.

Grace For Vets Free Car wash Program Sunday 11/11/12 10AM-2PM

We are honored to offer free car washes for veterans on Veterans Day, Sunday November 11, 2012 from 10am-2pm.  Grace for Vets was founded by Mike Mountz, owner of Cloister Wash & Lube, in 2004. The program continues to grow and expand its reach of honoring military service each year as additional car washes register under the program to give FREE washes. Currently there is participation from all 50 United States, and three other countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In 2011, 638 wash operators, totaling 1,446 locations washed 119,317 military service vehicles on November 11th. Andrew & Kara Swenson, owners of Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail look forward to honoring local service men and woman on November 11.  “We’re excited that the program has expanded internationally as it allows more military service to be honored” , says Andrew... “I’m proud to be a part of an industry that continually supports our military.  We have been a part of this program since we bought the carwash in 2008 and every year we have been able to give more and more back to our community”

The Swenson Family thanks you!


Now Offering WeatherTech Products


We are so excited to be working with WeatherTech.  We have taken note, over the past several years, the vehicles coming into our detail shop with WeatherTech floor liners have carpets in much better shape than those without.  The floor liners work great because they are custom fit to each vehicle and roll up the sides to keep snow, water and mud from rolling off the mat onto the carpet.  You can even put the nice stock carpet mats over the floor liners in the summer months if you have to have the carpeted look in your car.   WeatherTech also has rubber mats, side window deflectors which allow you to keep the windows cracked open without getting rain, and snow inside.....great for plowing, useful for all.  WeatherTech even offers bug deflectors, mud flaps and many other protective, stylish products.   Call or email to ask about our special this month and see all that WeatherTech has to offer!

Introducing DrivePur Protection Systems

We at the Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail have just added the quickest, greenest, most effective new method for permanently removing odors from all types of vehicles, to our menu of high quality, top-end products. Using straight-from-the-laboratory technology, we utilize a revolutionary 3-step odor removal system for cars, trucks, boats, and RVs called DrivePur. The new Smok, Shok, and Prevnt technique utilizes an environmentally safe chemical formula known as TiO2 (Titanium dioxide), which captures ultraviolet light (UV sunlight), and when mixed with water, decomposes and eliminates bio-pollutants such as smoke, bacteria, germs, mold spores, and allergens. These contaminants are the source of all bad odors and unhealthy air that often lead to allergies, headaches, and even infectious diseases with long-term exposure.  We have tried many odor control (ozone) and odor removal (enzyme injection) methods over the years but until now, those methods tend to require numerous applications over several days before finding success.


Using DrivePur and its treatment known as UV-PCO (Photocatalyst), the detail technicians at Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail can remove quickly and effectively, contaminants from your car’s interior and exterior in less than thirty minutes. The harmless, invisible coating continues to improve your air quality for months, while continuing to fight surface pollution! 

Grace for Vets 2011

Free Carwashes for Veterans Friday 11/11/11 from 10am-3pm.



Clarke Plaza, Wolfeboro, NH: Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail, along with over 1,300 other car wash locations across the nations will provide FREE car washes to veterans and current military service personnel, under the Grace For Vets FREE Wash Program on Friday, November 11th from 10AM-3PM. Washes will be given rain or shine. The FREE washes are given to honor and recognize those that have and are serving in the armed forces.  This is the third year Andrew and Kara Swenson have owned the Wolfeboro Carwash and are proud to have been part of the Grace for Vets program since that time.

Grace For Vets was founded by Mike Mountz, owner of Cloister Wash & Lube, in Ephrata, PA in 1998.
Mountz vowed to find a way to honor veterans when he served and saw first-hand amputees and the seriously wounded at the Veterans Hospital in Valley Forge, PA. Several years after opening his first car wash, he started the Grace For Vets FREE Wash Program. With the help of car washes across the country who participate, more and more military servicemen and women are recognized each year through this program. The goal this year is to wash over 120,000 veteran’s cars. “This day is not about the car wash operators who are providing the FREE washes, it’s about honoring and recognizing those that have and are serving and protecting our country, says Andrew, Owner/Operator of Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail. It’s an exciting and emotional day for everyone. Our management team and employees look forward to giving back to those that have given so much.”  

For more information on this program, wash or detail services at Wolfeboro Carwash& Executive Detail please call 603 941 0123 or visit www.wolfeborocarwash.com or www.graceforvets.org.




Grace for Vets 2010!!!


Free Car Wash for Veterans

On Thursday November 11, 2010

At Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail



Clarke Plaza, Wolfeboro - Veterans may visit Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail from 9AM-3PM on Thursday, November 11, 2010 to receive a complimentary wash. Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail owner Andrew Swenson and Staff believe that it is

important to remember those who have served our country and is happy to be a small part of a

national program to emphasize the importance of support for veterans by the general public.

Veterans will only need to inform the attendant verbally that they are veterans in order

to receive their free car wash.


Started on November 11, 2004, Grace for Vets is designed to honor Veterans Day, to

show participating car wash owners’ support for our armed forces personnel and to reward the Veterans for their service. Grace for Vets happens each year on Veterans day.

This will be the second year the Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail has been involved with Grace for Vets and they intend to continue this annual tradition. 


Wolfeboro Carwash has had roots in Wolfeboro and the surrounding community for over 20 years!  It has evolved from a self serve only carwash in the 1980’s to include 1 auto bay in the late 1990’s and another in 2004.  Since 2008 when Andrew and Kara Swenson bought the carwash they have expanded to included a full range of auto, boat, RV and motorcycle detail services including compounding/polishing work, headlight lens restoration and much more, appropriately changing the name to Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail.  In June of this year they have also expanded to include car care product sales.  They carry and distribute Glare Professional Products which are top of the line paint sealants, polishes, leather conditioners, spray detailers and other quality car care products.  The Wolfeboro Carwash has also earned a reputation as the “go to” people for automotive care & information for daily drivers as well as exotic cars and hot rods.  Please support the Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail as they support our veterans!


Glare Professional Products now Available

 We at Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail are proud to announce that we have just finalized a deal with Glare Professional Products to distribute and act as a service center for their Products.  We have been using Glare Polish/Sealant in our detail shop for over a year and a half now and were so impressed with the product that we decided we would also carry their product line for retail sales.  Glare is endorsed by several companies including Honda Racing and the L.A.P.D for use on their Aircraft, motorcycles and cars.  Glare Polish/Sealant is a synthetic product using a covalent bond to have unmatched paint protection for your car, Motorcycle, RV, Boat or Aircraft.  Glare also offers micro finish polishes, compounds, wheel cleaners/dressings, leather conditioner, spray detailers and other professional products to keep your investment protected.  If you want us to do it for you, we have a full line of detail services available.  Call or Email if you have any questions, would like to order products or make a detail appointment. 



How about that Pine Sap?


 If you live in New Hampshire, seasonally or year ‘round, sooner or later you are going to deal with pine sap.  We have some of the most beautiful landscapes of lakes and mountains in the country and those landscapes include big, beautiful pine trees.  These pines can grow over 100 ft tall so even if you are not parked directly under the tree a slight breeze can send that sap right onto your nice, clean car. 

Why is this a problem?  Besides looking terrible on your paint job, pine sap is acidic (low PH) and can actually eat through the protective clear coat layer of your car’s paint.  It can begin damaging your clear coat almost immediately so be sure to remove it or have it removed as soon as possible.  We run into this at the detail shop on a regular basis and even when the sap is completely removed you can actually see where it had been because the clear coat has a little ripple where the sap used to be.  There are many products that will remove sap but be careful because many can damage your paint also and you can scratch it in the process.  If you are not completely confident in removing pine sap yourself please contact us for tips or to make an appointment to have it professionally removed.  Whatever you do, don’t leave it on car!!!!

Grace for Vets Program - Free carwash for veterans 11/11/09

Free Car Wash for Veterans

On Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail


November 11, 2009 (rain or shine) at Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail – Veterans may visit The Wolfeboro Carwash located in Clarke Plaza 35 Center St Wolfeboro, NH from 10am to 3 pm November 11, 2009 to receive a complimentary wash.  The owners of the Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail believe that it is important to remember those who have served our country and have designed a program to emphasize the importance of support for veterans by the general public.  Veterans will only need to inform staff verbally that they are veterans in order to receive their free car wash.

Starting on November 11, 2009, the program is designed to honor Veterans and to show Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail’s support for our armed forces personnel and to reward the Veterans for their service.  Grace for Vets happens each year at many participating carwashes around the country on Veteran’s day and Wolfeboro is now joining that honor. 

The Wolfeboro Carwash began in 1985 with self serve systems and eventually a semi-automatic rollover touch-free machine.  The carwash was then sold to the Hughes Family where it was improved by adding a new automatic touch-free machine in 1997 and then in 2004 added another automatic touch-free machine.  The building was also added on to, in order to accommodate the new machine and allow for the other bay to be upgraded in the future as well.  There were also updates to the self serve system.  The current owners, Andrew and Kara Swenson are the third to own the Wolfeboro Carwash and expanded the business in January to include a Detail Shop specializing in Paint restoration as well as general reconditioning of cars, boats bikes and RVs thus re-naming the business to Wolfeboro Carwash & Executive Detail.  They currently offer 2 automatic bays, 3 self serve bays and vacuums all open 24hrs as well as the detail shop which is open by appointment.  For more information on the Grace for Vets program or any services offered by the Wolfeboro Carwash and Executive Detail please visit www.wolfeborocarwash.com, call 603 941 0123 or visit in person at Clarke Plaza.

For mor information on this national program please visit GraceForVets.org

What is Claying???...and why should I do it?


Whether you are an auto detailer here is Wolfeboro NH,  across the US, or in another country, in the world of auto detailing “claying” is a common term.  If you are not in the business you may ask yourself what is claying and what does clay have to do with cleaning a car?  The answer is……if you are going to touch a buffing pad to your car, you really need to clay it first.  An easy test, after you wash your car, is to run your hand over the paint surface of your car.  You will feel a bit of grit on the paint and it will make a static like sound.  Don’t be too hard on yourself, this doesn’t mean you did not do a good job washing your car.  If it makes you feel better wash it again……but you will experience the same.  The reason for this is that contaminants are actually bonded to, and embedded in, the clear coat of your vehicle and no matter how well you wash your car you will not get all of it off.  Rubbing auto clay over your car’s paint surface with a lubricant removes this debris and leaves your clear coat clean and prepped to buff.  You can see in the above picture that all of the contaminants are now on the clay......like magic.....sort of....except for the time and work you have to put in to it!

Hazy Headlights?

Have you noticed your headlights aren't illuminating the road like they used to?  Most newer cars have headlight bulbs with clear plastic lenses protecting them.  Over time, your plastic lenses get hazed up from the sun, elements, dust etc., negatively affectingthe performance of your headlights.  This can be potentially dangerous as you drive at night.  Unfortunately, replacing your vehicle's headlight lenses can be very expensive.  The alternative, at a fraction of the cost, is to have your headlight lenses professionally restored; a service we provide.  If you have any questions on the process or would like a quote please contact us.

Paint Protection Options

 Wax Vs.           Paint Sealants 

Ever wonder what the difference is between wax and sealers? Wax is derived from Carnuaba which is the coating found on Palm leaves in order to protect them from the sun and weather. When applied to your car, it provides the same protection to your paint.  Paint sealers are synthetic products which act like wax to protect your vehicles paint. Now, let’s talk chemistry…….. Each wax molecule has a few arms that connect them to the paint and each other to form the protection layer which helps keep water, uv rays, and contaminates out and keep your paint looking great. Water molecules, after a while, work their way through the layer of wax and begin to break it down within 4-6 weeks depending on the quality of wax. By comparison, synthetic paint sealers have more arms that connect each other providing a greater bond and locking out the elements for a longer period of time, lasting for 4-6 months or more. The higher grade the paint sealant, the greater the bond and the longer the protection lasts. For a more in depth article on wax vs. paint sealers click here.

Wolfeboro Carwash Offers Detailing!

 We are proud to announce in December of 2008 we are opening a new branch of our business, Executive Detail of Wolfeboro.  Why "Executive" detail?  If we are going to do something it will be nothing less than the best.  In October of 2008 the owner of the Carwash flew out to Boise Idaho along with his to-be head detailer in order to be trained by one of the best, if not, the best detailer in the country, Renny Doyle of Attention to Details, LTD.  Renny is the detailer of Air Force One as well as many other well known celebrities in the US and he is a great guy.  We are certified through his program and are now among the top percentage of detailers.  We offer paint correction, head light restoration, carpet cleaning, interior ""q-tip" nook and cranny cleaning, wheel, tire, glass and engine cleaning at its finest.  Your car is most like likely your second largest investment next to your home.  Protect your investment!