Paint Correction - Our Specialty 

This is one of the big reasons we have invested in training and certification through Attention to Details LLC.  Not only did we train initially but are involved in weekly webinars and training throughout the year as active members of the Detailers Network.  Many times customers who think they need to repaint their vehicle really do not.  We are trained to sand, compound and polish your paint in order to eliminate as many defects as possible and restore your paint to a high gloss, swirl free shine.  Watch the video below to see the results for yourself and contact us to discuss how we can bring your single stage or base/clearcoat paint job back to life.  You then have a choice about the level of protection to be applied to the vehicle to protect your investment.  Our standard paint sealant is 2-3 months of protection and we also have available 12 month paint protection, or ultimate protection of our premium  ceramic paint coatings.  We are certified paint coatings installers so please ask about this service.